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Final Flight (2020)

Set during the first and second world war, it is a story about a French boy called Louis, his relationship with his dad and his dreams of becoming a fighter pilot.


Character Lineup

7 Character Lineup.jpg

Louis, Thumbnails and Character Sheets

(Key Poses, Face Turnaround)

3 louis teenage character sheet.jpg
4 louis pilot character sheet.jpg
2 louis selected thumbs.jpg
1 louis thumbnails.jpg

Supporting Characters Character Sheets

5 Arthur Character Sheet.jpg
6 Deschamps Character sheet.jpg
9 Others Character sheet .jpg

Vehicle and Object Design

10 louis toy plane.jpg
11 Dewoitine Interior.jpg

Environment Design

(Interiors and Exteriors)

15 boookstore.jpg
14 bedroom.jpg
12 town.jpg
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